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Our Education Services

School Infrastructure & Equipment

Schools are the temples of education, but who said temples cant look good. We promise to create impressive structures, merged beautifully with ergonomically designed furniture, classy interiors and labs. Let your school look as good as your students grades.

We have a panel of highly qualified architects, who design schools keeping in mind the need for a right mood, child friendly movements, safety norms and the need for the perfect ergonomics. Labs and furniture are custom designed to suit your individual needs. We ensure that every school we design has a personality of its own.

Education Financing Options

A vision to build a world-class education facility needs funds, and lots of it. At EKCO, we understand that need and provide flexible financing options.

Budgeting and financing set the right pace for the potential projects. We go that extra mile and put forth flexible funding options.

  • We make use of the 'Lease Rental Model' which provides the school infrastructure on long term lease basis and helps reduce upfront capex investment and risk.
  • We help you connect with the prospective Franchisee/JV partner who would share the financial commitment towards setting up the school and/or its subsequent operations.
  • An investor is found for setting up all the school infrastructure who strongly believes in the model and is ready to earn returns through a revenue share.
  • We provide advisory services for raising Funds from Banks & NBFC

Licenses & Affiliations

We understand that to set up your dream school/educational institute, you need much more than just land, building and furniture. With our vast expertise, we advice you matters of licenses and affiliations, ensuring smoother and a more guided approach to accreditation.

Essentials like defining the board that school curriculum adheres to, to acquiring state NOC and the local body's permissions. EKCO ensures that the paper-work is structured and ensure hassle free processes.

Education Procurement

Supply management is critical for the smooth running of any inventory heavy business. And running an educational institute is no different. With effective ERP solutions and easy to use interface, we ensure in-time procurement and delivery cycles.

We guarantee cost efficiency of 15-20% on overall supplies procurement. We boast of complete transparency in our 'Cost +' model to bring out unmatched efficiency.

We have further ventured into providing convenience to our clients, with our 'one-click' delivery model. This is to help consolidate national procurement through a simple stand-alone system :

  • EKCO to offer an online support system for monitoring of inventory backed at the warehouse.
  • Prices to be fixed based on a MOQ and various centers can place their individual orders.
  • Detailed SOP will be submitted on request.

Education Management Services & Facilities

After providing you a 'ready-to-run' school, the next area that would concern you are matters of daily operations. From bus-services to catering, IT services to housekeeping, EKCO promises to provide the best in industry facilities for smoother running.

Our stringent selection process combined with strong orientation, ensures that the schools get the best of services and facilities for smoother day to day functioning.

School Play Equipment

When we talk about children, 'toys' and 'play time' cannot be missed out. We don't overlook these aspects either. These are crucial elements of the learning curve. At EKCO, we provide innovative, intelligent and safe toys and play equipment for your school.

In sync with the educational demands of the concerned authorities we chalk out this fun zone. Apart from the aesthetic influence, we are space & function conscious. We also provide innovative and intelligent equipment that allow children the privilege of interactive education.


Physical stock-keeping and order/delivery process are fading away. But as new E-procurement and WMS systems enter the market, its imperative for one to select the one most apt for your system. At EKCO, we have an indigenous WMS that is designed especially to take care of educational institutes needs.

This aspect being the most crucial part of our services requires all power proof workings from the very first steps.

  • There are supplies and goods in abundance and regulation in management of school supplies is top priority. The next step calls for compiling all these supplies and dispatching them only after detailed supervision.
  • Logistical planning for optimum use of spaces in warehouses ensures no wastage or delay. The systems allows better management of vendors and allows perfect deliveries.
  • Schools are most unlikely to allocate prime areas in its premises towards storage and stocking of goods needed intermittently during the course of the academic year. Hence, our storage is designed with a grid system in mind to handle peak pressure of timely dispatches with minimum intervention.
  • It has not been fruitful to depend on vendors who are rather dodgy to confirm and adhere for packing and delivery mandate of schools due to various issues of cost etc. We have trained staff to handle such vendors and sort out under time constraints the material once dumped at the school premises. We also take to breaking down a heterogeneous supply into separate stocks that is relatively homogeneous.
  • One cannot in any case afford to mess up with timely delivery to centers/franchises as scheduled. The repercussions may turn out a bit too grave; calling for unnecessary chaos, cost over runs and losses. We have therefore adapted mechanisms to ensure this along with timely intervention on the same
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