Welcome to the world of EKCO.in


Welcome to the world of EKCO.in

We've been in the business for a while, and have now decided to be active on the online space, to interact with like minded people in the education sector. We won't be a boring corporate blog, we promise.

It's always so convenient to pick one day of the week and step into a supermarket for hours together. You know when you leave you sigh to yourself, 'I am done!' Well, you can expect exactly that from EKCO too. It's apt to call EKCO the first ‘educational supermarket' in the country.

We take over all the operations required for setting up a school. It's as if we've envisioned your dream project with a full ‘360 view'. With vast experiences in supply chain management and education infrastructure, we understand and work around the complexities involved. The list starts with infrastructure, and goes on with warehousing, procurement, permissions, licenses, affiliations, play equipment, services-facilities and the added benefit of financing options.

This means you don't have to go to multiple places hassled and hunting. EKCO strives to be the sole consolidator for all education operations services. This also means that while we take care of infrastructure and logistics, as an education institute you can focus on delivering academic excellence.

Log on to www.ekco.in to know more about us. Or just like us on www.facebook.com/ekco and follow us on Twitter.